The Essential Role of Animal Studies

Some people question if we really need animal studies. The simple answer is yes! Without them, it would not be possible to develop new medicines, keep both humans and our animals healthy, and feed the growing population.

At Bayer, safety and efficacy are our primary concerns for every new product. Animal studies play an important role in ensuring that the benefits of our products outweigh the risks to humans, animals, and the environment.

We take our responsibilities seriously – not only toward the people and animals who are ultimately treated with our products, but also towards the laboratory animals that are involved in developing them.

Why do we use animal studies?

About 90% of animal studies are legally required. Learn why it is still important to use animals in scientific research, and find out how animal studies have contributed to the development of innovative products at Bayer.

Why animal studies?

Animal Studies at Bayer

Find out about our goal to refine, reduce and replace animal studies by other scientific experiments and how we have successfully reduced the number of animal studies over the last years.

Our Practice

How does Bayer care for its research animals?

For a research-based company like Bayer animal studies are unavoidable. But, we work hard to keep the animals in our care safe, healthy, and comfortable. Our responsibility already begins with the origin of our animals. We work very closely with authorized breeders. Experts ensure the appropriate animal husbandry including measures like secluded areas and toys.

Animal Care

Looking to the Future

We work hard to find new methods to replace animal studies without sacrificing human health and safety. Find out what we do to foster innovation in close collaboration with our partners.

Innovative Approaches


Commitments, Requirements and Ethics

Are animal studies of external laboratories monitored by Bayer?

We have a program in place to make sure that all our external partners are monitored and inspected on a regular basis.

About the Research

What are “alternative methods” and what are the limitations?

These are study and test methods that involve fewer animals, or that dispense with the need for animals altogether. Bayer works actively to develop and use these alternative methods. The use of alternative methods is still limited because they are still not as informative as animal studies.

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